About MeCurator



MeCurator holds art at its core. As an Art Curator, my heart is in connecting Artists, Audiences and Collectors of art. MeCurator is led by me, Buki Cahane, and I draw on my experiences as a Traveler, Creative Writer and as a Woman.  Whether you are a young Artist working to show your talent to new audiences, or an established Artist looking for new connections, I am offering to build those bridges with You.

MeCurator’s relationship with the Artist and understanding their work, is the core in being able to promote each and every creation that we represent. Growing Artists is our priority, and our support includes exhibitions, outreach to new audiences, generating PR and successful funding applications.

MeCurator uses next generation mediums to connect Artists and Collectors together. Understanding this linear connection between art and social media allows MeCurator to promote our Artists to a wider network of global art communities and influencer's.

We create a comfortable space for prospective buyers making it easy to get to know our artists and their work. Whether you are seeking art for investment or pleasure, we welcome you to explore with us.


 What is an Art Curator?

An Art Curator is...