Orrin d'Auvergne Solo Art Exhibition - Sat 2nd Nov



Orrin d'Auvergne  - Solo Art Exhibition

Saturday 2nd November at 5.00pm

MeCurator Art Gallery, Massade Gros Islet


Orrin Vivaldi d'Auvergne is a young, talented artist who was born in 1996 and raised in Castries, Saint Lucia. From an early age, it was clear that dʼAvergne had a certain characteristic which set him noticeably apart other children. It was at the age of six that his world was defined more clearly. d'Auvergne's uniqueness and difference was diagnosed as Asperger's Syndrome, which lies within the Autism Spectrum.

This diagnosis did not define or limit d'Auvergne. He attended the Tapion Primary School and then the Saint Lucia Seventh Day Adventist Academy. His love for creativity and the visual world flourished as he would gain delight from watching TV arts & crafts programmes and would reproduce what he had seen, adding his own personal flair to the pieces that he would create. At around the age of 14, d’Auvergne took his first painting lessons at the Inner Gallery under the tutelage of Ms. Kizzy Garçonette.

This was to be the start of a successful working relationship between the two creatives in which Garçonette honed in on d’Avergne's unique approach. Since 2017, she has worked closely with him to build his confidence, style and portfolio of paintings. The two meet on a weekly basis, while d'Auvergne also works in the inspirational space that he calls home. His home is located at Morne Fortune, from where he has a sensational view of the Cul-de-Sac Valley and the green hills in the centre of the island. A lot of this imagery can be seen in his pieces, which are made up of acrylic on canvas and feature abstract natural scenes. d'Auvergne says of his work: “I like to paint because it makes me happy to have a talent to share with others when I am painting, I feel happy and relaxed...” 

Works by d’Auvergne will be featured at the MeCurator Art Gallery on Saturday 2nd November, from 5pm. This will be Saint Luciaʼs first solo art show by an “alternatively gifted artist”,one not to be missed!