Featured Artist: Passion


Cristiana Rigamonti Hippolyte, goes by the pseudonym of Passion. This title derives from her adoration of the abundant fruit and fresh flowers that enrich the island of St. Lucia. Passion first came to St. Lucia when she was 16 years old and immediately had a connection with the Island. As an artist, art teacher and fashion designer, Passion is an all around creative individually. Originally from Italy, Passion has traveled the world, deciding to settle down in St. Lucia permanently in 2008. It is here she met her husband; they now live at Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, raising their two young boys. Teaching art to young children comes naturally to Passion, setting up a art school from home, focused on the educating and training of young artists between the ages 4 to 16 years of age.    It is through this teaching that Passion is able to empower her students with the ability to express themselves through the medium of art.