Featured Artist: Chelsea Charles

Chelsea Charles is a young and vibrant artist and art teacher. She specializes in the area of acrylic and mixed media painting. She has always been artistic; from being the fashion consultant in her house to being the lost doodler in class. She attended the Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School where she studied the subject Visual Arts and received Grade II pass in the subject. At this point she realized that she was destined to be in Arts field. With aspirations to be an event designer, she went on to study Hospitality at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

There she was able to utilize her God-given talent to produce wonderful set ups for event projects at the college. Upon completion of her studies at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Chelsea was given an opportunity to intern with the renowned Adrian Augier and his firm, Landmark Events. This was when she worked tirelessly on costume designing for the carnival band Tribe of Twel. Chelsea later decided to spread her knowledge and passion of the arts to the younger generation by teaching and highlighting students’ hidden talents. She is currently employed as the Visual Arts Teacher of the Vide Bouteille Secondary School.