Featured Artist: Adjani John

Adjani John is a young artist recognized throughout St. Lucia for her realistic portrait drawings and paintings. From a very early age, she embodied a strong interest for creating things. An interest which stemmed from her genuine admiration for nature and her surroundings at large. At school, she discovered that the course in which she enjoyed most, was the art course. With the advice and encouragement of her parents and teachers, she embarked on a new journey and that was to become one of many amazing artists. She has more than a dozen years experience working with graphite pencils, as well as 2 years experience in acrylics which has remarkably reflected her pieces. Her work constantly allows her to explore unfamiliar environments and new techniques that she uses to her advantage in order to perfect her talent. Today, she has created her own unique and modern style of art which evokes the usual techniques displayed in the works of other artists regionally. Her goal is to continue creating vibrant and emotional pieces that resonates with each and every viewer.